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Wall-to-wall marketing services

Our team has years of unique and valuable experience with marketing crowdfunding campaigns.

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Our mission is to deliver the best possible results while remaining totally transparent about methods and practices. Our graphic designers create high quality promotional images for your campaign for no extra cost. We stay in touch and keep you in the loop about performance of your project's marketing across various channels. Our portfolio includes - but is not limited to - all major Awaken Realms projects. You can also take advantage of Gamefound's internal marketing opportunities - free of charge!
Take advantage of our know-how
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Making campaigns on Gamefound is an easy and straightforward process.

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Once you're ready, set the timer to start the campaign. We'll review it and give you some hints if anything needs improving. Then, everything is in your and backers' hands!

Finalize the campaign

After successful funding and when your project is almost ready, you can set up a pledge manager to handle pledges and prepare your game for delivery to the backers.